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Migrating to SharePoint Online?

Move your files and data into the cloud, for a collaborative experience

More organisations are making the move to SharePoint Online so they can:

  • support remote working

  • reduce IT costs

  • maximise licence benefits

  • migrate into the cloud

We think this is a great idea and have lots of advice and ideas that can help, whether you’re moving from file servers, platforms like Box or Google Drive, or even from complex enterprise content management platforms.


​SharePoint Online is a tool that organisations both large and small can use to structure their information, find what they need when they need it, collaborate easily and work in the most effective way possible. 


Consider the whole picture

When moving to SharePoint Online, it’s important to remember that it’s more than simply a technical migration, but an organisational change that impacts all of your staff. We use our tried and tested methodology when working alongside you in the planning stage and use our wealth of experience to guide and shape the migration process to best meets your needs.

A comprehensive planning stage is critical to ensuring the organisation realises all the benefits and key outcomes expected like reduced complexity, intuitive collaboration, and a high uptake by your userbase.


Think about the details

A key stage of any migration often overlooked is designing the information architecture. Do you need to migrate all files or only a select few? Will your existing file structure translate to SharePoint Online in the way you expect? In the planning stage of the migration, we look at use cases and running workshops to best understand how your people work to achieve optimal results and what the new solution should look like.  From the Information Management perspective, our migration process maintains document metadata & permissions which is vital.


Keep your staff happy

By working with stakeholders and end users to guide your change management process the move can be seen and experienced as an improvement. End users will become increasingly engaged as areas are identified that make their job quicker and easier, utilising SharePoint Online in-built features such as workflows.  A training plan for the users can then be produced to make sure everyone has the information they need to get the most out of the change.

​Make sure it’s secure

Ensuring security of the data is maintained is a primary consideration.  The good news is that M365 and SharePoint Online has some great security tools. You can use the in-built M365 Data Loss Prevention capability to protect your SharePoint Online information and align into your wider security initiatives.


Our expertise and approach help make the migration process less daunting and more effective.


If you’re looking to make the move or simply want to find out more about SharePoint Online just get in touch.

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