Microsoft's SharePoint Online enables optimal Information Management with the sharing of content and records and content management that is both scalable and future proof.

The SharePoint Online aspect of Microsoft Office 365 offers an operational platform that meets business needs, because like never before content and records can be shared anywhere. Importantly, security is not an issue because Microsoft SharePoint Online is supported by enterprise grade infrastructure, providing the best security.

Documents in the cloud are specifically aligned to your business and customised to your needs. Structured, easy to navigate and intuitive - cloud document storage is the way of the future.

Becky Parkinson, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive NZ Golf, says, "For me, the most transformational aspect of The Clubhouse was discovering the efficiency of operating within the cloud. Sharing a document and multiple authors working on a paper at the same time doesn't feel quite so foreign now - it's much better than the old way of sending an email and attaching a file".

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