Techtonics guide clients through a "cloud enablement pathway", where information is appraised and strategic decisions are made prior to any configuration or migration.

The cloud enablement pathway aligns and prepares a business to move to a new way of operating. Seated within a business-to-business information management approach, we work with you to realistically assess the journey ahead before moving to the cloud.

The cloud enablement process involves a review of the business and its information, which informs strategic decision making about the way forward. Cloud readiness is determined at a leadership level, before design work is undertaken for configuration and migration.

A cornerstone of successful cloud migrations is effective infrastructure preparedness and appropriate deployment and training. We assist you in the timing, process, and business enhancement of your move to the cloud.

NZ Catholic Education Office's Operations Manager Maureen Condliffe says,

If a small company is preparing to become cloud ready, they should choose Techtonics.

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