Training the Change

Training the Change is focused on IT system changes which occur at some point in every organisation.

This White Paper will provide an overview of the five steps needed to successfully implement a training strategy and develop an ongoing training programme in your organisation.

Enterprise Content Management Quick Start

Abbreviated TV manuals inspired the ECM Quick Start. It’s the Quick Start guide, which sits alongside the chunky manual, designed to get the user up and running as quickly as possible!

This White Paper provides an overview of the nine steps needed to implement an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system in your organisation, with key focal points and examples.

Demystifying Migration

This paper draws on Techtonics’ extensive experience to provide an overview of the key components of a successful content migration. It focuses on understanding what and who is involved in a migration, the different approaches and things to take into account throughout the process.

Information Management Strategy

This paper discusses the importance of making sure that an Information Management Strategy fits within the Information Management reality.

An IM Strategy must be built in a way that recognises and responds to the reality of its environment. When this is done well, the IM Strategy becomes a real and relevant tool, embedded as part of your business processes.