Enabling efficiencies in Medical Council’s Health Services

The Medical Council were confident that Techtonics would simplify the transition from eDOCS to Content Server, connecting their technology and meeting their business needs.

MfE takes a cloud first approach

Ministry for the Environment improve their culture of knowledge management and reduce risk to the business with All of Government ECM as a Service programme and Techtonics

Training key to Transition at Medical Council

Without the necessary in-house resources for training and supporting their staff during the transition from eDOCS to Content Server the Council brought in Techtonics to assist.

Red Meat Profit Partnership Increasing Productivity

The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is a unique collaboration between nine industry partners and the Government who are coordinating their efforts to increase profitability and productivity in the red meat sector.

NZ Golf’s Hole-In-One

It’s a beautiful thing when technology comes together, seamlessly integrating a suite of information needs so that users can access all held information from anywhere.

Wellington City Council Solution enables staff and users

A new Search and Dashboard solution enabled the Council’s Archive staff to easily update requests and manage what customers want to see, saving time and increasing efficiency. Come along and read the case study.