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Rapid7 Technology Overview 

Securing your critical business assets is now a difficult task. Cloud based systems give your users the power to collaborate and get things done easier. This means that your "user identity" is now the digital perimeter of your network. Once a firewall was ok to keep the bad guys away from your systems and data, but no longer.


If you are using Office 365, threat actors are knocking at the door of your user accounts every hour of the day, even while you are asleep. We know, as we see it happening to us. Security through obscurity is no longer a viable option for the modern organisation. You need Rapid7.

Furthermore, your IT teams are struggling to keep up with patching let alone user account management, and what is more, they often lack visibility of what is really going on across your users, systems and data. This lack of visibility provides a fertile ground for attackers to remain undiscovered and breach your organisation at their leisure, undisturbed. 

What we need in this cyber combat is better visibility of our system vulnerabilities and user interactions across those systems. That way we will be able to identify, respond to and recover any cyber-attack earlier and on our terms not the terms of the attacker.

Techtonics and Rapid7 tools give you the tools to get visibility, identify vulnerabilities and monitor and manage your user interactions to spot malicious behaviour proactively. 

Using the Rapid7 insight platform, you will be able to see bad actors knocking on your user accounts immediately and make sure that the doors are firmly locked. You will hear the alarm bells ringing when a break-in attempt is happening and be able to act quickly with force to stop that breach.


Rapid7 InsightVM gives you visibility of your system assets and provides a priority list of the most important vulnerabilities. While other systems just give you a big list that you will never be able to deal with, Rapid7 insightVM using a unique scoring method to bring only the most important and commonly exploitable vulnerabilities to the top of the list. That way you can focus those few critical vulnerabilities that will give you the best coverage and security.

At the user level InsightIDR provides you visibility of your user interactions across your system. Why is Bob trying to logon from China, when he is here in New Zealand? With InsightIDR you get to see the door knocking as it is happening and get rapid insight into any entry through user accounts that should not be happening.

With visibility comes assurance and with assurance comes confidence. Get confidence that you are cyber secure with Techtonics and Rapid7.

To find out more contact us.

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