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Our Approach

Helping you achieve productivity from your digital assets


We have been helping clients get the productivity they require from digital assets for over 30 years. Whether it is information assurance or cyber resiliency, Techtonics have the people, process and partnerships that will get you moving. We deliver enterprise solutions with local agility.

Based in Wellington, we travel throughout New Zealand to meet our clients’ requirements. We listen to you and provide the right sized and fit for purpose solution, whether it be content, compute or cyber security related. On premise or in the cloud, our teams will make this happen with ease.

Furthermore, our enablement teams provide ongoing value from your digital assets through quality support and solution improvement. 

Our three-step continuous improvement approach results in solutions that are optimised for your organisation’s unique requirements to ensure you achieve productivity from your digital assets.



Our first step is to understand your organisation's objectives, business processes, and the culture of your workforce.


We will collaboratively develop a solution that is fit for purpose to your requirements and value for money against the budget that you have.  


At the end of the consult process, we will both have a clear and decisive plan to move forward with.




On confirming the goal, we start to procure and implement the solution that we have collaboratively worked through. 

We utilise good practice project management frameworks across our projects, combined with and a delivery process that fits the type of solution that is being delivered. We can work with you in either a waterfall or agile fashion.


Throughout, we work with you to ensure both confidence and clarity in the solution that is being delivered. It is with this insight that implementation projects are designed; we use a mature and iterative select, design, and build process that ensures you are engaged and fully involved in every project stage.



When users are part of the change process and understand how working differently will be beneficial into the future, they become part of the solution. Full training and support is available to maximise implementation outcomes.

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