When: Friday 23rd November 2018, from 9am

Where: The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 55 Cable St, Wellington

To register your interest in this event, please contact Courteney Lane at office@techtonics.co.nz


Humans in the Information Age


We are excited to announce our Keynote speakers for the Techtonics User Group 2018!


Dr Markus Luczak-Roesch

Honours and MCom Programme Director – School of Information Management

Victoria University of Wellington


Dr Markus will be presenting to you on “Decentralisation – The current socio-technical frontier”

Dr Markus Luczak-Roesch is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Victoria University of Wellington.

Particular foci of his work are:

  • Information dynamics: This research area is concerned with formal models of temporal dynamics in naturally occuring complex systems such as human language, brain activities, and people's digital traces online. The focus is on fundamental questions of space and time in the context of information as well as emergent meaning that is rooted in coincidence.
  • Socio-technical systems: This focuses on advancing our understanding of systems in which the activities of human collectives lead to meaningful outputs. This encompasses widely-known online communities such as Wikipedia and Wikidata, where the outputs are articles, knowledge graphs and ontologies, or citizen science platforms such as Zooniverse and EyeWire, where the outputs are crowdsourced classifications of digital objects and discussions among citizen scientists.
  • Humans in the information age: This addresses human factors of information and computing systems such as technical or social exclusion.
  • A complete list of Markus' publications can be found on Google Scholar. He also maintains a profile on Research Gate and is active on Twitter.

His research interests include Information dynamics in socio-technical systems, machine augmented intelligence, human-agent collectives and social machines, and human factors of information and computing systems.



Managing Director

Cyber365 Limited


Chris will be presenting to you on “Cyber Security – Misguided Perceptions”

Chris is the Managing Director of a start-up company whose core business is providing professional cyber training in the APAC region. Cyber 365 is a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Partner and certified provider of SEI Cyber courses.   Now having set up three organisations as SEI partners in New Zealand of which only 11 have in the last 30 years.  Chris has recently written and lectured for a post-graduate diploma in Cyber for the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

He is a highly qualified and experienced Information Assurance/Cyber Security Professional with a track record of successful project delivery. Until 2016 Chris was the New Zealand Defence Force lead for Cyber Security and Information Security, including chair of two executive International Cyber committees before co-founding the company Cyber Toa. He held a high clearance for over 38 years while with the UK and NZ defence forces.  Chris is an SEI instructor at Carnegie Mellon University based in the United States and delivers SEI training in New Zealand and Australia. In partnership with Victoria University of Wellington’s centre for long life learning, he is also a research fellow at Victoria University in Wellington

From 2016 until this year Chris was Director of Cyber Operations at Cyber Toa, leading the company’s consulting capability, product sales and strategic partnerships.



photo credit: Te Papa external view. Photograph by Michael Hall, ©Te Papa