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Microsoft 365 Get control - Manage effectively

With Microsoft 365 Business premium licence you have enterprise capabilities at your finger tips to effectively and efficiently manage and control you information technology environment. Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AzureAD), Intune and Autopilot combine together to provide robust end point and modern user authentication and access control management for your devices and across all users. Small to medium enterprise business often lack the time, people and resources to effectively manage their IT environments. Now you can achieve great things with Techtonics and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory - Effective management

Microsoft AzureAD gives you all the power of Active Directory. It is everywhere without the need for a VPN connection to your office. Save costs and increase security across your mobile workforce with integrated cloud based authentication. You or your IT team tired of resetting users' passwords? AzureAD has a self-service password reset, enabling your teams self-serve password resets and get back to work faster.  AzureAD also provides for Single Sign On (SSO), so you can now reduce the number of accounts / password combinations that you and your staff need to manage.


Increase security through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Use your mobile device as a second measure to confirm your identity at the press of a button. AzureAD Multi-Factor Authentication is easy to setup use and is a proven method to reduce unauthorized access to user accounts, especially for remote users. Easily integrate other approved web applications into your MFA solution to keep a single password for multiple sites all secured with Azure MFA. 


Get in contact with our identity specialists today and they will help you understand your Microsoft 365 licensing the capabilities that you have and drive your business to being more agile and secure.  

Microsoft Intune - Securing endpoints effectively

Keep your teams secure while staying productive, no matter where they are or what device they are using. Microsoft Intune guards sensitive company data and information through secure management of Windows computers, MacOS laptops, iOS devices and Android phones. Only devices meeting the security requirements specified will be able to connect and access the sensitive data within your organisation. 


Intune allows you to provision and manage company workstations from the cloud, easily and effectively, without the need for a office based server. Set up policies, deploy applications monitor compliance from the Intune console all without the need for a remote access VPN. 

Microsoft AutoPilot - Streamlined deployment

Microsoft AutoPilot delivers streamlined deployment of applications and workstation configuration regardless of where you are. Autopilot makes your workstation deployments simple and seamless, reducing the effort needed to individually configure each workstation. Configure once then deploy to many, AutoPilot does the tedious repetitive work for you.


When logging a new device or users onto your organisation for the first time AutoPilot will install applications, join your works domain and apply any company policies without even needing to be in the office. 

Get Moving - Get with Techtonics

Techtonics will maximise your Microsoft 365 software; helping you to get control, start communicating and collaborate across your bushiness. Connect with us today!

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