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Maximise your Microsoft 365 investment

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) now face new challenges that come with trying to accommodate the rise of a mobile workforce and dynamic team structures.


Microsoft 365 (M365, formerly Office365) empowers employees to work from anywhere on any device, with a comprehensive features including email, calendars, file storage, a hub for teamwork, and the familiar productivity applications companies use every day. Many businesses are using M365 but have not turned on all their software features. Please contact Techtonics for clarity and details relating to your M365 Licensing.

Our Techtonics team will help you maximise your current Microsoft 365 investment to get the right setup for your business. Ensuring you get connected, communicating and collaborating quickly and efficiently.


Imagine a workplace where you can get control, communicate and collaborate without walls or limits. Techtonics will get you there. Now is the time to:


Get Control - Single sign on and two factor authentication

Get control through single sign on and two factor authentication for all your users and devices connected to your business domain.


Effective logon security ensures that your devices and user identities are safe, centrally controlled and managed with a single password across devices and your business software solutions.


Provides access for those who need it and keeps out those who don’t. 


Get Communicating - Microsoft Teams

Get communicating with Microsoft Teams. MS Teams provides a quick safe and secure voice and video team chat collaboration platform for your whole business. Keep the conversation private and controlled. 


Teams is integrated into your business single sign on so only your business and invited guest may join your conference calls.

This give you control of the communication about your business matters.


Get Collaborating - SharePoint Online & Business OneDrive

Get collaborating. Store and share your business documents in SharePoint online for control and Business OneDrive to keep documents in sync and available when you are offline.


Connect your SharePoint and OneDrive seamlessly into your MS Teams to connect and drive collaboration and communication for your critical business documents.

Get Moving - Get with Techtonics

Techtonics will maximise your Microsoft 365 software; helping you to get control, start communicating and collaborate across your bushiness. Connect with us today!

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