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Key Benefits of Multi-factor Authentication

In a nutshell, below are the three key benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

1. Multi-factor authentication strengthens login security.

MFA protects your business systems and your customer’s accounts from being accessed with just a password. Passwords can be weak or reused across multiple accounts. They can also be stolen in a phishing or malware attack. MFA can prevent these incidents as an attacker would also need 'something you have' or 'something you are' to get access to an account.

2. Multi-factor authentication reduces the risk of data theft.

​Adding a second-level of authentication makes it harder for attackers to get access to an account — and harder to access the data inside. 

3. Multi-factor authentication helps protect remote access users.

Remote access to a system or network can be risky since it has to be exposed over the internet. This type of access should always use MFA so your staff can be secure while they're working remotely.

Data breaches exposed 7.9 Billion records in the first 9 months of 2019

Multi-Factor Authentication – Easier with Techtonics

Techtonics can help you plan for, implement and train your staff to use MFA effectively 

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