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Cyber Resiliency Assessments

Are you cyber resilient? Don’t fool yourself that you have all the security you’ll ever need, as “absolute security is absolutely impossible”.


You need to adopt strength in depth and create resiliency in your environment to ensure that your core business functions are protected and can continue regardless.

To achieve effective and sustainable cyber resilience a disciplined framework needs to be established.  The core cyber resiliency framework adopted by Techtonics (and GCSB) is the NIST model consisting of: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.


This comprehensive cyber security framework dovetails with the Cyber Resiliency Review (CRR), put out by the Department of Homeland Security and OCTAVE Allegro designed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University.


Techtonics has developed a software product called ‘Cadence’ which delivers OCTAVE Allegro in an easy to use online Web interface. This tool provides automated risk data information collection, analysing and reporting. Using Cadence negates the need for endless manual risk documents and reports being developed and physically managed.



Our team has successfully partnered with Cyber365 to implement cyber risk management and resiliency assessment services aligned to the NIST cyber security framework.


For risk assessments we utilise the OCTAVE Allegro risk assessment process from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). We have developed Cadence to bring this process online for many New Zealand businesses and Pacific Island organisations. 

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