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Security Awareness & Training

The greatest asset and biggest security risk to any organisation is people! Your company can have the most secure network, but still be breached due to user ignorance. Don't neglect equipping your front line soldiers in the cyber fight with the right knowledge and expertise to defend your digital borders. Education and awareness is essential.


Support your staff, increases their awareness and resilience by enhancing their defensive capability through e-learning courses, simulated phishing attacks and security workshops.


All these approaches strengthen your cyber security awareness and builds up your user into the front line defense that you need across your organisation.

Regardless of the status of your Cyber Security journey, we can kick start it with our Cyber Security 101 workshop and then set your team off on a per-user customised e-learning course.

Through awareness and training we help you to implement a risk strategy framework with continuous learning and improvement from the board level down to your front line people.


Our team along with our key partner Cyber365 have assisted many organisations to correctly understand cyber security and cyber resilience and how building a solid framework of education and awareness is critical to securely advancing any business.


We have provided end user awareness and education training through custom or structured training courses.


Whether it is providing awareness to the Board and senior executives or training staff Techtonics will help you put the right programme in place for your needs.

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