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Vulnerability Assessment

You don’t know what you don’t know!  The digital demand has created an open book for bad actors to exploit at their will.


Businesses are finding to their dismay that the traditional one-off audits and standard security surveys don’t inform of the dynamic and changing situation.

Get immediate visibility of the real extent of your cyber risk with our Vulnerability Assessment service. Our team looks at your organisation through the lens of the attacker. This way we can provide you a benchmark on where potential weakness is in your cyber environment.


We use our expertise, to holistically quantify the real state of your environment and its current or evolving cyber threats.


We utilise and deploy Rapid7 Insight Metasploit as part of our service offering.


Additionally, we also use leading edge passive scanning tools and ethical hacking resources to assess and report the general vulnerability status of an environment, particularly from the perspectives of customer web services.


As well as technical vulnerability assessment we can also extend to include reviews of your cyber/security policies, server / endpoint patching priorities, staff training, password management and your cyber security controls.



We have had multiple engagements with clients where they have been assured that security of their application or environment is all OK, only for our team to discover and find simple security threats that should have been easily mitigated.


Get a confidential assessment (including via ethical hacking) of the vulnerabilities you have today across your external and internal systems and processes.

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