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Application Security

Why are applications not secure by design? Primarily, applications are developed and coded for functionality and performance; with security a secondary (at best) consideration.  

Alas this has created an environment where applications have become the hackers’ best friend.

Without question applications are becoming more and more complex with numerous interconnections between databases, applications and users of these applications. 


Increasingly code reuse and open source libraries are used by over tasked developers to expedite applications delivery. This introduces security risks. 


To combat and mitigate these risks you need Rapid7 InsightAppSec.  The product can be used in the development cycle as dynamic application security testing (DAST) service which enables an outside in analysis of the application to detect security vulnerabilities during the development cycle.

InsightAppSec uses crawling and attacking technologies to conduct ‘black box’ testing to identify vulnerabilities not able to be identified at the source code.


With 95+ attack types inbuilt, InsightAppSec empowers business developers with the ability to confirm vulnerabilities on their own and test their fixes immediately.



Our team has successfully implemented InsightAppsSec for ourselves and for our customers. We support clients who have their application development on premise or cloud based such as Azure DevOps. 


The deployment and use of InsightAppSec ensures all developmental stages are being tested and effectively reduces application vulnerabilities from being inadvertently coded into the production application. 

Manage what you can inspect, put the Sec into your DevOps with InsightAppSec.

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