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Content Solutions

A Content Solution provides an organisation with the capability to manage an organisation information from capture to disposal.  

If ‘information is power’, your organisation needs the right solution to provide the end-to-end management of your digital and physical assets to stay competitive. Luckily, Techtonics has more than one option available for your solution.    

OpenText Content Suite

(suitable for medium – enterprise sized organisations)

Content Suite is a comprehensive enterprise content management system for managing the full lifecycle of information from capture to disposal. Content Suite is highly customisable and boasts a broad range of platform add-ons to tailor the solution to meet everyday business needs such as user mobility, Office 365 integration, document redaction and integration with existing business applications.

It’s a great solution for strategic records management in businesses that require high levels of rigor and auditability.  

OpenText eDOCS DM

(suitable for small – medium sized organisations)

OpenText eDOCS DM is a highly flexible enterprise content management solution.  It allows organisations to manage sensitive work securely throughout the contents lifecycle, which makes it an ideal product for Legal, Corporate Legal, Public Sector and Professional Service organizations and corporate law departments.  Our clients particularly like the Outlook Addon which allows emails to be captured and placed under management of the document management system.

S1 Content Services

(suitable for small – medium sized organisations)

S1 Content Services is a light document management system that provides an easy way to manage digital assets. S1 enables your business to centralise its documents to create a single source of truth library.  There is a choice of implementation styles which can be tailored to suit your specific business needs, with either a flat or hierarchical structure.  S1 can be deployed either on-premise or as a hosted cloud offering.



DocsCorp contentCrawler

Not all documents stored by an organisation are searchable which reduces the value of these documents.  If users are unable to search and find the documents containing the information they need, the documents are an overhead to the business rather than an asset.  ContentCrawler developed by DocsCorp, enables businesses to make better decisions by capturing the 30%+ of documents that are hidden in a document management system by making the documents searchable.  

SharePoint (with Microsoft)

(suitable for any size organisation)

Another comprehensive content management system, with a modern approach that delivers powerful content management and integrations like Power BI and Power Apps. Many organisations are moving to Microsoft 365 (with Teams), and SharePoint is a good solution to balance user flexibility with ensuring companies can still manage, control and report on their information assets.   

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