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Shared Drive Solutions

Shared Drives provide a convenient and simple content storage for all organisations; however this simplicity has caused a series of concerns for organisations, from the lack of control, visibility, search, security and duplication. The problems are endless and tiresome for organisations. There are new and exciting options that will allow you to get this information under management easily.

The key to success with shared drives is to mange the information and not the users. Techtonics offer Shinydrive and S1 Content Services which provide a seamless interface to your shared drive problems. With their shared drive user interface and functionality – solving the problem of user adoption, right-click function menu – providing familiarity, extra functionality and access to information, out of the box integration with Microsoft Office core applications, while being fully supported by a document management solution in the background – providing content compliance.

While also offering a user-led migration capability, capturing more data and eliminate information silos. Delivering a unified experience for all your shared drive content.

Allowing users to work the way they want, with no training, and no extra steps.          

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We have worked with many customers to help them move their key information assets from one content solution to another.


We have designed and implemented migration solutions with numerous business applications and systems, including:

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