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Content Services - 

Delivering digital assets

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Content Solutions

Want to get your business critical documents under management? Are your contracts scattered across shared drives and personal computers. We have a range of content services solutions to fit your need and budget; onsite or in cloud. 

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Content and Data Migrations

Need to get your valuable content and metadata from one solution to another. We have the people the process and the experience to make this happen for you. Migration is not just a technical activity it needs dedication and an defined outcome.

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Shared Drive Solutions

Do you still have shared drives? if so about 80% of your content lives here, not in your content services solution. Why is this so? Well people grow up with a "file | save as" mindset. We have solutions to make your content services system look like a G drive!

Organized Files

Information Assurance

Organisations are no longer just capturing and managing content. They are also enabling their digital workplaces through content integration. Research shows (AIIM 2019) that 72% of organisations rank productivity, process improvement or 

records management compliance among their top priorities for content services. The solid foundation for information assurance is through practical and efficient content control.

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