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Procurement & Licensing

Procurement of the right hardware and software sounds easy, right? However many companies struggle with the lifecycle management of their hardware and software.  You seem to loose track of what you have purchased and end up buying too much or are not really licensed for the software that has actually been installed? Your hardware is out of date and no longer provides the compute power that you need.

Procurement and licensing management can be a complex and expensive exercise, with significant repercussions and impact to return on investment when technology decisions are made.


We can take care of all your procurement and licensing needs, providing visibility and simplicity in an area that changes constantly, from pricing across multiple suppliers and ever-changing licensing requirements and models.


We partner with key distribution channels and licensing experts across the technology landscape to make pricing and complex licensing simple, providing reporting so you know what you’ve got and when it comes up for renewal.


We can help you untangle and understanding your existing licensing and requirements and keep things simple through ongoing management and reporting of your licensing.


When you purchase through us, we can automatically track, report on and notify you as that item comes to the end of its lifecycle, making it easy to track your hardware and software



Techtonics manage the full life cycle of hardware and licensing procurement through to retirement for many of our clients. 


We mange user licensing for customers for their Microsoft 365 (M365) stack to ensure they have just the right amount being purchased and used and that when staff leave the user counts are lowered in a timely fashion.


We purchase and provision the the right equipment and necessary software for our customers so they are ready to go for their staff to be productive and efficient.

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