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Managed Services

Is your core business managing your compute power or utilising that power to drive productivity in your business. Our core business is managing compute power so our customers can achieve productivity from their digital assets. Our managed services provide a set of outcomes for a set price, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Managed services are designed to meet common needs that clients face in a consistently efficient and effective way, using industry standard process and procedures.


Use our managed services to meet your needs in:

  • deploying and managing fleets of workstations and servers

  • providing visibility with our security services

  • providing compute and datacentre resourcing

  • providing vCIO functions and technology governance

  • provide service desk and technical triage services

  • managing networking and perimeter technologies

  • managing routine maintenance.

  • Procurement and technology lifecycle management

Use our services to ensure a specific area is covered or combined to manage the majority of your technology requirements, with our professional services available to fill any gaps.



Our team provides managed services to a range of New Zealand business and government clients.


We have you covered across a range of requirements, from vCIO governance, ISSP development, datacentre services, cloud enablement services, remote monitoring, management of workstation and server fleets.


Our  services are underpinned through the provision of ITSM / ITIL operations and reporting.

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