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End Point Security

Your users are no longer contained behind firewalls. Everything is now interconnected. Your user identities and the end point devices are the new edge of your network. You need to secure your endpoints as your first line of defense to your business critical information and systems. Techtonics has the right advice and toolset to help you.

Certainty in the security of your data and endpoints can be difficult in todays’ constantly evolving technology and cybersecurity landscape, particularly when coupled with ever increasing flexibility in working from home and when staff may be using home devices for work purposes.


We can assist your moving beyond traditional infrastructure with cloud firewall and proxy services, enabling your workforce to be truly mobile, while remaining secure.


Techtonics can provide visibility and improve the management of your end points and pair the right solution to your specific environment and need.

From centrally or cloud managed End Point protection solutions, to Mobile Device Management solutions or complete Remote Monitoring and Management solutions.



We have provided services and solutions to deliver visibility of, secure and manage end points in a variety of simple to complex technology environments.


More recently, we have been helping organisations move beyond traditional infrastructure solutions, using modern cloud solutions underpinned by virtual firewall and proxy functions coupled with clouded services and distributed end points.

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