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Compute Services - 

Managing digital assets

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Professional Services

Whether it's getting the job done or augmenting your existing infrastructure teams we have the right people to help. We can backfill your operations teams or lead with projects that need to be done.

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Managed Services

Looking to get more compute capability for your business. Our managed services provide a set of outcomes for a set price, enabling you to meet a specific need or to manage your technology environment.

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Cloud Solutions

Want to move your systems to the cloud? Or looking for productivity for your people from cloud based applications. Our consultants understand how to get there and where to start from.


End Point Security

With remote working on the rise your user identities are now the edge of the network. The computers that your people work on need to be managed and protected. Effective and well managed end point security is what you need to be safe and secure.

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Datacentre Services

Maybe you are not ready to put all your compute power into the cloud?  Our datacentre services provide you with the capability to modernise your infrastructure today and give you the time to decide when you want to migrate to cloud services.


Procurement & Licensing

Do you know what software licenses you have? Are you paying too much for obsolete and unused licenses? Do you need some extra equipment quickly? We can manage all this for you so you can get control of your compute and licensing costs.

Computer Office Work

Better ways of working

Technology is now an essential part of the way that we work. But for a long time we have been doing things the same way. Times and ways of working have changed. Mobility and remote working has expanded. Flexible working has extended the workplaces digital borders. This means you need to find better ways to use your compute power to make your teams productive. Techtonics have the people and process to make this so.

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