Cloud migration typically refers to a move from an on-premise solution to a cloud platform.  Over the past 5 years the adoption of cloud services has become standard practice due to the maturity and variety of solutions set against quickly changing business needs. 

One of the great advantages of ‘as a service’ is that the consumer has the power of choice.  A solution that matches the needs can be identified and selected by the business for the business.  Organisation led transformation using technology when and where its best applied.  Awesome. 

You may however have a cloud solution that suited your needs when it was selected, but the organisations needs are changing at an ever-increasing rate and you need something different, better, faster.  Changing from one solution to another is easy, fill out the form, enter the credit card details and your away.  Fantastic.

Well, sort of.  How do you get off the current platform with everything intact and in the format you need it to be?  How do you get it onto the new solution with timeliness and accuracy?  How do you avoid getting stuck on two active platforms, due to unforeseen migration issues?

We need to clearly identify what are we moving?  Information Assets - Documents, emails, customer information.  Structured and unstructured data.  These need to arrive with all associated metadata attached, be available, searchable and organised in the structure, your users expect them to be in.

As experts in content migration, Techtonics has spent many years identifying what needs to be moved, how it needs to be moved and the best way to turn apples into oranges and back to apples, to deliver information to the users when and where it’s needed.  This can seem like alchemy to the uninitiated, but our unique expertise and toolsets make this a smooth and straightforward process for you.

The Users, the people that need to access the system and retrieve information when and where they need it.  We also apply our Identity Management expertise to make sure that access controls remain in place and security is not compromised.  Now more than ever, a simple and effective way of managing user identity and access centrally is critical.  There are a range of ID management solutions out there and we can work with you to find the right one, to ensure efficient and effective user management across all cloud and on-premise solutions.

Both these aspects can be rather more complicated than simply filling in a form, but there’s no need to stay stuck on an unproductive cloud platform because the prospect of trying to move seems daunting.  We can help make it happen.


Graham Wilson is the Professional Services Manager at Techtonics Group Limited, leading the delivery of solutions to our clients across all our delivery teams.

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