It's a beautiful thing when technology comes together, seamlessly integrating a suite of information needs so that users can access all held information from anywhere. Techtonics have achieved this service offering with a canny configuration of SharePoint Online and Microsoft Office 365.

With fifteen Associations and 385 golf clubs across the country, NZ Golf immediately saw the value of Techtonics' cloud-based Information Management service offering. Dave Mangan, NZ Golf General Manager says "One of our strategic goals is for a unified and common strategy among all administration bodies working in golf. For us, the creation of "The Clubhouse" is a key vehicle in achieving that goal."

The Clubhouse is an apt title for NZ Golf's SharePoint Online and Microsoft Office 365 platform, enabling them to manage their information, share content and collaborate with each other and the wider golfing community. The Clubhouse is a place where they create, edit, store and work together.

A central reason why The Clubhouse is the place to be for NZ Golf is due to the Cloud Enablement Pathway process, which was undertaken before moving to the cloud. Information was appraised and strategic decisions made prior to any configuration or migration. Dave says -

The Cloud Enablement Pathway was such an important part of the process for us. We reduced our folders by almost half and came away with a clear perspective of how we will operate into the future - if anything, we could have spent even more time rationalising our information.

Microsoft Office 365 offers an operational platform that meets all of NZ Golf’s communication needs and the SharePoint Online aspect of The Clubhouse provides for records and content management, which is both scalable and future proof. Importantly, The Clubhouse is supported by enterprise grade infrastructure from Microsoft, which means that security is certainly not an issue.

Becky Parkinson, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive NZ Golf, says that "For me, the most transformational aspect of The Clubhouse was discovering the efficiency of operating within the cloud. Sharing a document and multiple authors working on a paper at the same time doesn't feel quite so foreign now - it's much better than the old way of sending an email and attaching a file."

Making the strategic decision to move from an aging server to the cloud was not difficult for NZ Golf because the very same IT professional who installed the server was representing Techtonics' new service offering. "The trust was already there and we are delighted with the results" says Dave.

With Techtonics' SharePoint Online and Microsoft Office 365 service offering, more than ever before NZ Golf is enabled to deliver information and support to grass roots golf clubs - well worth a celebration at The Clubhouse.