Information Management Presentation Series 2015

Techtonics took to the road in early 2015 with a day of presentations in Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch.:

Slides from the roadshow presentations are now available for download, including the following sessions:

  • Information Management Strategy vs. Information Management Reality
  • Business Continuity in a Digitally Disrupted World

Please find a synopsis of each presentation below.

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Some feedback from session attendees:

Clear statements- not too technical or hard to understand

Good high level areas to consider


Business Continuity in a Digitally Disrupted World


The ability to provide business continuity is critical, especially in a world where digital technology is leveraged wherever possible for business operations. Business continuity challenges present themselves due to a wide variety of situations and occurrences. They go beyond the traditional realm of natural disasters and expand to any reason that could impact business operations locally, regionally, nationality and potentially internationally.

Join Techtonics to discuss the impact of digital disruption on business and begin to prepare yourself for the future.

About the presenter: Jeremy Gray
Jeremy is Techtonics’ Technical Solution Architect. As a certified consultant, he is an innate problem solver with extensive experience in solution implementation and upgrades. Jeremy’s breadth of experience extends across multiple product suites.


IM Strategy vs. IM Reality

Join our IM experts to learn about bridging the gap between strategy and reality.

An IM Strategy must be informed by the reality of your business in order to shape the future direction of Information Management. It must do so in a way that is realistic and achievable for your organisation.  The key to bridging the gap between strategy and reality is in the way in which you design, build and embed the strategy in your organisation.

About the Presenter: Monica Greenan
Monica’s primary roles are centred on Strategic Information Management and Compliance. She is adept at information governance, strategy and frameworks, and the design and implementation of Information Management systems. A specialist in Records Management, Monica also works towards the implementation and delivery of information structures and tools to improve the quality and accessibility of organisational information.