Techtonics is proud to announce that we are one of eight companies in New Zealand to join SonicWALL's new invitation only SecureFirst Partner program.
The partnership program provides Techtonics with increased access to training and support resources that will enable us to continue to deliver cost effective, secure and high quality solutions.

We've been partners with SonicWALL for over a decade and are excited to be working even closer together.

Talk to us today about how we can help your business do more and fear less.


Advanced phishing attacks have made email security more crucial than ever.
With threats from encrypted malware and advanced phishing attacks making email and perimeter security more crucial than ever, now is the time to ask how can we help you…
  • Stop ransomware, using multi-engine cloud-based sandboxing.

  • Protect against SSL and TLS encrypted threats using a next generation firewall with SSL/TLS Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).
  • Catch advanced phishing and other email-borne attacks using an email security solution with multi-engine cloud based sandboxing.

  • Through perimeter security, management and reporting. 

Security should always be a focus, but with Techtonics and SonicWALL, you can catch more and fear less, enabling you to focus on your business.