Metadata is powerful, adding it to content gives additional context to information and will help knowledge workers find information more effectively and efficiently.  But is all metadata created equal?  The easy answer is no.

Managed Metadata is an Information Management Superhero.  Consistently applied metadata from a centrally managed set, will deliver greater and greater returns over time including increased organisational efficiency, a reduction in frustration and simplification in information discovery, to name a few!

So, how do you get these gains from managed metadata?

  • Have a Metadata Strategy which includes business drivers and motivation, metadata management maturity, and metadata sources and technologies.  It will set out who will manage the centralised metadata repository, who will be own each metadata set, the metadata authoritative sources and review cycle for the metadata set.
  • Every single metadata set must have an owner and an authorised source.  The owner is the person who will advise you when additions or changes are required.  This will ensure the metadata set is current, in line with the authoritative source and relevant to the information needs of the organisation.
  • Apply in all systems – Don’t just use the managed metadata in your ECM, if you have other systems where the metadata could be utilised, apply it there too.  This will enable you to do some really cool stuff with enterprise wise search tools, reporting or dashboards. Data from disparate systems will become connected through this managed metadata.
  • Make sure that the metadata set is simple and valuable.  Don’t just make your knowledge workers use managed metadata, ensure it's what they need, that it provides value to them and enables them to utilise information in different ways to achieve productivity from digital assets that are created.

So, come and talk to us at Techtonics and we can help you get on the right path with your managed metadata strategy, or review what you currently have in place.


Sarah Stevenson-Galvin is a Wellington based Consultant Information Architect at Techtonics Group Limited specialising in delivering productivity from digital assets.  Find out more about Sarah’s work here.


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